The Great Canadian Baking Show and a Mini Photo Journal

I’ve always had this dream of starting my own bakery/coffee shop/ cafe and it feels like it gets larger and more realistic some days and then others it seems completely off in the distance – hardly on the horizon. I’ve baked for a few weddings and plenty of birthdays.  I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog but shied away – who would actually read it? Do I even want people to read it? Would it be good enough to read? What would I talk about? We’ll finally this summer after coming back from an amazing summer adventure on the west coast of British Columbia we decided it was time. I was so excited when John suggested it. He was suggesting it for our travel pictures – any easier way to keep our family up to date. But secretly I knew it was also going to be my baking/cooking/crafting blog that I’d always wanted!  Little did I know how much time it takes to keep a blog up to date. Not only do you spend time thinking up fun/new/yummy/appealing recipes, but then you have to make sure you took pictures at just the right time and place (not so good at this yet), then you have to remember all the tweaks you made to the recipe (I’m always bad with this and kicking myself when something turns out perfectly and I can’t quite remember every little adjustment I made) and then you have to write it all down (before you forget and/or delete your pictures…)

So all this to say that I haven’t been the most diligent blogger since starting this fall. However, as I was browsing Facebook last week I saw that a friend had shared a link from CBC advertising a casting call for a new reality show called… The Great Canadian Baking Show!! This was amazing. I couldn’t believe it. Without a second thought I clicked on the link, read the article to see that they were still accepting applicants and immediately started filling out the application. This was so exciting and would be a dream come true! Not to mention a great challenge and soooo fun!! When I got to the end I hummed and hawed over the photo submissions – only one picture of a baked item? What are they looking for?! I don’t even have that many pictures! Why didn’t I have better close ups from the wedding baking or some artsy shots of all the cupcakes I’ve done over the years.. I went with a picture of the bagels I’d made last week thinking that a good bread would show skill and promise. Then after clicking submit I was instantly regretting it thinking they probably wanted cupcakes or pastries or macarons or anything other than bread. I finally managed to convince myself that if it wasn’t meant to be it wasn’t meant to be.

Until today. This afternoon, during lunch, when I got a phone call. From a Toronto number which I almost didn’t answer because I didn’t know who could possibly be calling me. Well The Great Canadian Baking Show it turns out!! For my first round interview! Which was quite similar to the application questions. Here’s to hoping it went well and I receive another phone call in 2 weeks for the second round of interviews!! And in the mean time, a little collage of the photos I managed to scrounge up of some recent baking.

Notice how most of them have candles in them?

Chocolate Coffee cupcake with coffee buttercream icing.
Banana blueberry cheesecake for John’s birthday.
Gingerbread and vanilla sugar Christmas cookies.
Coconut cream cheese mini cupcakes for Sarah’s 30th
A Chocolate Dragon Cake for Soren’s 4th birthday.
A chocolate T-Rex cake for Dane’s 3rd birthday!
Red velvet layer cake with cream cheese icing and assorted cupcakes for Elaine and Bertin’s wedding. 



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