Replacing the prong on a belt buckle

John’s favourite belt (fixed!) – a Great Glebe Garage Sale discovery from his Carleton days!

The prong had come loose and fallen off John’s favourite belt (a Great Glebe Garage Sale find from our Ottawa days!), but because it was the favourite belt we couldn’t just throw it out, but it was also not usable anymore, so it was relegated to the dresser where it sat. And sat. And sat.. until I got annoyed that it was still there and decided to deal with it. I thought for sure Fabricland would have a replacement prong or some nifty trinket that would do the trick, but to my dismay they did not. Nor did they have anything even remotely close. So luckily Fabricland is right next to Home Depot so I just headed over there thinking I could find some sort of nail or screw that I could tweak into a belt prong. I was naively thinking I could bend the end of a nail into a loop and then just cut the rest of the nail to length… Luckily I didn’t have to resort to that!  It turns out the belt buckle was the exact length of this  $2.00 latch hook  from Home Depot.  I was pretty excited to get home and start working.

With some needle nose pliers I managed to prise open the loop just wide enough to take out the screw and put the belt buckle in. And with the same pliers I squeezed the loop shut again. Then using a hack saw I cut off the hook end of latch to fit the buckle length. This took two tries to get right. Then using a hammer I flattened out the latch end and tried to get it to bend slightly to conform to the buckle. This part was pretty tedious and it took both John and I holding and pounding the latch on various curved surfaces with mostly no success.  Eventually we gave up and after filing down the end to make it smooth and flattening it a bit more to make it more belt like, it was done! All in all, a pretty simple and relatively quick project.

As good as new! (Or used 🙂 )

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