Our garden

We’ve been a little busy since we got back from vacation…


On our drive home from Vancouver Island we stopped in Vancouver for a few days to visit with friends and family. Then we took the Trans Canada highway back to Calgary via the Okanagan so John could experience the warm lakes and fruit stands that I’d been telling him about since moving out west! We stopped in Peachland for an afternoon swim/play session at the lake side water park which was a ton of fun in and of itself. Road trips in Alberta just don’t involve impromptu lake swim stops which is something I remember a lot of from my childhood and was so excited to share with John.

After we tired of the zipline and rope swing we dried off and decided to drive a bit further south to find some fruit stands. We were set on buying boxes and boxes of fruit to preserve for the winter. After about 5 minutes of driving we found a fruit stand AND a winery side by side – bonus!  A quick wine tasting later we headed across the road to the fruit stand with a few bottles of wine in the back seat. A few minutes after that we’d managed to cram 2 – 20 lb boxes of peaches, a 40 lb box of pears and some plums for snacking in the car (barely). Now we could finally continue on home with a car full of fruit, wine and wet bathing suits.  Our little stopover in the Okanagan was complete though a little too short for our liking but hopefully we’ll be back soon.

When we arrived home that night we found our garden completely overgrown. Literally. Our mystery plant (which turned out to be an acorn squash) had spread out into the middle of the alley way and the neighbours had been carefully driving around it for the past few weeks. This was so cool! We’d half been expecting to come home to a mess of hail damaged plants but instead there were massive zucchinis and cucumbers growing through the fencing, tomatoes loaded with fruit turning red and the sunflowers were in bloom!

We spent that whole weekend and the next few weeks dealing with the garden. John made a big batch of delicious salsa, and I made zucchini everything – zucchini chocolate chip cookies, zucchini cheddar chive bread and of course zucchini loaf. We also found out our neighbour had a crabapple tree that was overloaded and she didn’t want to deal with them. So we did. Over the next few weeks we preserved 27 litres of peaches, 20 litres of pears, 16 litres of crabapple sauce and 3.5 litres of salsa. I think we’re ready for that long, cold winter that’s being predicted!



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